Christopher Lozinski wrote:
At the risk of going down in history (and Google Searches) as the man who supports ZClasses, I think that someone deserves to come to their defense.

I think that there is a different tool for every job. Sometimes I think Plone is the best solution, sometimes Zope 2 is the best solution. Sometimes Zope 3is the best solution, and sometimes ZClasses are the best solution. When are ZClasses the best solution? Frequently a ZClass is the fastest way to build an application. I can put up a simple list of types in ZClasses and DTML so incredibly quickly. Frankly developing a file system based python application is just way too much overhead for bringing up simple web applications quickly.

I think this is a good point. I agree that in Zope 2 and Zope 3 it's rather a lot of overhead to create a file-system based application, though Archetypes + Plone probably helps a lot.

What I'm hoping is that eventually in a Zope 3 context we can create something that is as easy to develop with as ZClasses are, though filesystem based. (I myself am mostly interested in solving this on the code level, but people are welcome to write a UI for it) Some of us are going to invest a bit of time in trying to get this project off the ground, so we'll see what next year brings. That's not to say we're going to come up with something very similar to ZClasses, it's just that we're trying to make something that's close to being as easy to develop for, in the simple case, as Zope 2 is with its through the web development model.

Note that this doesn't help people using ZClasses currently in maintaining their application at all, so this point is perhaps a bit useless. I just wanted to make sure that we are aware of the usecases surrounding ZClasses and hope to be able to fulfill at least some of them, in quite a different way, in the future.

Note that ZClasses also have another feature that right now we're not going to tackle - changing them on a live server without restarts. You describe these usecases eloquently. This is an issue that *also* needs more work in a Zope 3 context, I just declare it out of scope for my project. :)


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