Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Christopher Lozinski wrote:
I think that there is a different tool for every job. Sometimes I think Plone is the best solution, sometimes Zope 2 is the best solution. Sometimes Zope 3is the best solution, and sometimes ZClasses are the best solution.

I wonder where Chris' orginal post is.  I don't seem to have it.

Yes, you're right about different tools. But we can't make the conclusion that ZClasses are the only good tool for getting prototypes done fast. If there are better tools (and I think there are) and ZClasses are in fact so hard to maintain that only one or two people can actually do it, I see little point in defending them.

I think Chris is defending the functionality and trying to motivate someone
to provide maintenance.

When are ZClasses the best solution?

"best" is probably not the best word for Chris to have used. :)

>> Frequently a ZClass is the
fastest way to build an application. I can put up a simple list of types in ZClasses and DTML so incredibly quickly. Frankly developing a file system based python application is just way too much overhead for bringing up simple web applications quickly.

Chris, have you tried ArchGenXML?

I find it rather impressive in this regard.  If I needed something
quick and dirty, I would pick it ober ZClasses.

The problem is the lack of an exit strategy. If you only need a simpel web app, fine. If you're creating a prototype, ZClasses are hard to get out of without rewriting a whole lot of code.

Right. But if it is a throw-away prototype, that doen't matter.


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