Jim Fulton asked

Chris, have you tried ArchGenXML?

I did do a project in Archetypes, in Plone. If I recall correctly, Archetypes requires CMF. And that is way too much code to add to my application. My workflow requirements are trivial. I think that Archetypes is quite brilliant at defining a schema. But it also includes the definition of the user interface in the data schema. I much prefer to use Formulator to define the forms, and Archetypes to define the data schema.

Since I was not quite happy with Archetypes, I saw no point to move up to ArchGenXML.

Actually what I have done in my internal code is to swipe the ideas from Archetypes, and automagically create the ZCatalogs, and ZClasses and Formulator forms. That way the forms can evolve away from the underlying classes. With these tools I can put up a new customized job board in very little time. And I do not have to carry around the whole infrastructure from CMF.

So I would prefer to be working in Zope 3. But I am stuck with my legacy code, and pretty happy with it. I do some things which absolutely require the dynamicism of ZClasses. And when I get a reason to upgrade my zope server to a version that does not support ZClasses, then I will be motivated to do something about it.


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