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Dieter Maurer wrote:
Also the thread that ZClass (re)distribution code will be removed
need not worry you too much. Fortunately, Zope is open source
and you can simply combine the new release with pieces of an older
release to retain features essential to you.

I see no problem in making the "ZClasses" a separate
project, for example. That way they're not hindering Zope 2 core releases
but could still be maintained (e.g. by volunteers like apparently
yourself, Dieter :)) and shipped as an optional egg, for example.

I think we should really make ZClasses available as separate package
in Zope 2.11 since the current code seems to be borked for some ppl and because we dropped already some code (ZClasses distribution related staff).
So moving ZClasses out of the Zope core is clear sign for any user: don't
use ZClasses.


None from me. We just need to be careful about the rest of Zope. It may depend on ZClasses (e.g. notifying them when new disk products are there, etc.). That needs to be decoupled (perhaps using events?)

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