thanks guys...know this one was a long time in the coming.


Andreas Jung wrote:

Hi all,

on behalf of Zope developer community I am pleased to announce the release of Zope 2.10.0.

You can download Zope 2.10.0 from:

Some new features of Zope 2.10:

 - ZPT implementation based on Zope 3

 - experimental WSGI and Twisted integration

 - Zope 3.3, Five 1.5 integration

 - clock server

 - lots of minor improvements and fixes

 - replaced several Zope 2 modules with their sister implementation
   of Zope 3

For more information on what is new in this release, see the
CHANGES.txt files for the release:

Please bring all the bugs you have found to the Zope bugtracker:

For more information on the available Zope releases, guidance for selecting
the right distribution and installation instructions, please see:

Supported Python versions:

 Zope 2.10 requires Python 2.4.3 (Python 2.4.2 is still acceptable).
 Older Python versions are no longer supported. Using Python 2.5
 is also *unsupported*.

Many thanks to all everyone who contributed. Very special thanks go to
Philipp von Weiterhausen for his continuous and outstanding work in
the Zope 2 *and* Zope 3 world.


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