[Andreas Jung]
Who is currently in charge or who feels responsible for the Windows

[Sidnei da Silva]
Tim Peters.

[Chris Withers]
Er, no. Tim isn't even at Zope Corp anymore, as far as I know...

That shouldn't be related, should it?

Don't know about "should be", but it /is/ related ;-)  I had job-related
reasons before to make at least minimal ongoing efforts toward keeping the
Zope test suites happy on Windows, and that in turn meant I kept many full
checkouts of various Zopes current, at least ran the tests routinely, gave
real attention to discussions of possible Windows glitches, built Windows
installers routinely, and so on.

But I don't do anything related to web development anymore, and "bit rot" is
setting in wrt my once-encyclopedic knowledge of the umpteen quirky build
procedures for the umpteen versions of Windows Zope.  When, months ago,
someone else volunteered to take over the Zope3 Windows builds, and actually
followed up on it (yay!), I mentally resigned from these tasks.

You (ZC, ZF, the community) want someone who /uses/ Zope on Windows to make
Windows releases.  It was at best half nuts that I kept doing it after
building & testing an installer once each N weeks became my only contact
with Zope.

I built the last couple of Zope 2.9.x release, but my access to a
Windows build environment is gone now...

Odd. I believe Tim built 2.9.4 because you could not?

I don't remember, but it's possible.  I'm still willing to build an
installer when there's no alternative, but it's long past time that was
treated as a last-ditch fallback instead of "business as usual".
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