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Subject: [Zope-dev] Cannot access Zope Management Interface through lighttpdproxy

I installed Plone 2.5 but it seems that the issue is Zope-related, so I'm
posting it here should I go for a different mailing list?)
When I access Zope Management Interface through lighttpd (proxy module) it does not show up (wget, e.g. downloads 0 bytes). Relevant part of Lighttpd config:
url.rewrite-once = (
 "^/plone/(.*)$" =>

proxy.server = (
 "/VirtualHostBase" => ( ( "host" => "" , "port" => 8080 ) )
at the same time Plone's part is perfectly accessible.
Same problem remains even if I remove all the rewriting and simply forward (with
mod_proxy) all urls with /manage to port 8080

If I access port 8080 directly everything work just fine.

Are there any hints in the lighttp accesslog or zope log files?


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