Hi All,

I've been having fun with unit tests:



But Jim finally pointed me in the right direction:


So, stacking DemoStorages sounds like exactly what I want to do, with one DemoStorage for each test layer.

A couple of questions:

1. Should I do a transaction.commit() after each layer's setup, or will a DemoStorage stacked onto another DemoStorage as follows:

storage = DemoStorage(base=base_storage)

...still see all changes made to the base even if they're not committed?

2. How do I go about weaving the storage into the Zope2.app() stuff? In

   - in a layer's setUp() method, how do I replace the DB used by the
     current Zope2.app() with the same storage but wrapped in a new

   - in a layer's tearDown() method, how do I toss the DemoStorage
     created in the layer's setUp and replace it with the original one?

3. Is storage = DemoStorage(base=base_storage) and the dance needed for
   question 2 going to be quicker that transaction.commit() at the end
   of the layer setup and transaction.abort() at the end of every unit



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