Andreas Jung wrote:
What are our benefits from a Z2 Eggification. Eggification is basically about packaging and distribution of components with little dependencies in order to re-use them in other contexts. However most components of Zope 2 are heavily dependent on others.

Yes, that's true. But eggs don't necessarily have to have few dependencies ;). Eggs just have well-defined dependencies. And like Whit said, there might be a desire to have certain Zope 2 components have a faster life cycle than others, e.g. ZopeTestCase in Whit's case.

Or are we talking about using Zope 3 eggs within Zope 2 as part of the Zope 2 distribution process?

That too. As Zope 3.4 will hopefully be embracing eggs for its packaging story, it would be a shame if we wouldn't get that story somehow in Zope 2.11 at the same time.

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