Andreas Jung wrote:
Andreas Jung wrote:
What are our benefits from a Z2 Eggification. Eggification is basically
about packaging and distribution of components with little dependencies
in order to re-use them in other contexts. However most components of
Zope 2 are heavily dependent on others.

Yes, that's true. But eggs don't necessarily have to have few
dependencies ;). Eggs just have well-defined dependencies. And like Whit
said, there might be a desire to have certain Zope 2 components have a
faster life cycle than others, e.g. ZopeTestCase in Whit's case.

Yeah, it would make sense for particular components but not for all components just for the sake of eggs.

Well, it may be that we decide to embrace eggs for our packaging story, at least in Zope 3 (as a replacement for zpkg). At that point we should ask ourselves if it wouldn't be a good idea to do the same for Zope 2. In Zope 2, eggs could really help with the add-on story (as a more general replacement for Products).
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