Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> This proposal aims at bringing Zope 2 a bit closer to Zope 3 by making 
> the widely used Acquisition API aware of Zope 3's __parent__ pointers. 
> This will alleviate the need of using Acquisition base classes in Zope 2 
> for every security-sensitive object, be it persistent or just a 
> dynamically looked up component such as a view. The goal is to enable 
> the use of Zope 3 components in Zope 2 straight away without creating 
> subclasses that mix in Acquisition for security's sake.
> See for the full 
> proposal. Comments are appreciated. I expect little resistance to this 
> as it pretty much doesn't change any existing semantics and just makes 
> all of our lives much simpler. Also, if it helps, this has been blessed 
> by Jim in discussion at the EuroPython 2006 sprint.

Very strong +1 from me

The biggest pain in my ass when coding for Zope 2 these days is that I want
to use views and I have to understand a lot of detail about how acquisition
works to avoid strange and hard-to-debug errors. If I could stop mixing
Acquisition.Explicit into my views, life would be so much better.

As for the implementation, I gave it my best shot in the 
philikon-aq-and-__parent__ branch. My experience with C is limited, 
especially when it comes to debugging. Help is therefore highly 
appreciated. There's a reward waiting for whoever fixes the problem and 
helps getting the branch merged to the trunk (see the proposal text).

I guess this is the challenge. Who wants to code C? :) Who even understand
this code? (looking at people like Jim and Dieter...)

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