Dieter Maurer wrote:

I have no problems to donate "AdvancedQuery" and/or "Managable Index"
to the Zope Foundation

That's great, thank you! :)

*BUT* I will not modify the code to bring
it in line with the different style requirements usually applied
to Zope components: e.g.

  * my code uses 2 blank indentation rather than the usual 4 blank
    (to make it more readable and easier to maintain for me)

This is the only one that I find a bit difficult, because it means that if I were to fix a bug or make a change to the AQ/MI code, I would need to change my editor settings, and if I were making a simultaneous change to any other part of Zope, I'd have to have different settings in different buffers.

I think it'd be silly if this was a show stopper, and I understand it'd be a pain to change every file, but how would you feel if someone else changed it for you and made it consistent with everything else?

  * I much prefer unit tests over doctests; thus, "AdvancedQuery"
    and "Managable Index" come with extensive unit tests and no

You're not alone, and I can't imagine that would be a problem for anyone.

  * I use camel case also for parameters and local variables
    and not only for functions and "global" objects.

Are we ever consistent on one or the other? Zope 2 specifically has camelCase all over the place.

Anyone, +1 for inclusion or at least moving to


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