First let me say, that I'm in favour to add these products to Zope in some form, to take the chance to enhance the zcatalog significantly.

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yuppie wrote:

- Should we add new products to the core? I thought we want to move away from products and use python packages instead. The AdvancedQuery code might become part of the ZCatalog package, ManagableIndex might be converted to a non-products package.

There are hardly "new", though, they've been around for ages and have enthusiastic users. Those users always found it hard to convince people to adopt them more widely because they were not in the standard repositories and a bit "scary"

That's clearly a point to make clear, that splitting the code or to do big refactorings needs someone with deep knowledge of the code and its dependancy into the cataloging framework.

- I think any chance to resolve that should be taken. I'm quite bad for reshuffling code just for the sake of aesthetics, but I don't think having them as products should be any kind of barrier until products are officially deprecated (no, I didn't say that, let's not go there this decade).


I think the first step is That makes them accessible for other people to work on. Shipping with Zope 2.x may or may not be a worthwhile goal in the short term - probably we need someone to cut a branch, see what it would look like and collectively review that.

Another point is that for example hurry is already using parts of the code. So there are possibilities to look for integration in zope3 too.

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