Martin Aspeli wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:
Whit ("mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]") reported that "AdvancedQuery"
is going to ship with Plone3 and that packaging would be easier for them if
"AdvancedQuery" were part of the Zope 2 distribution.

I fail to find an explanation *why* that is.

I'm not quite sure it has to be part of Zope 2 as you install it. Having it in would go a long, way, though, allowing us to use svn:externals during development and potentially fix issues ourselves as appropriate.

Well, ok, I have nothing against that. It's just that that wasn't mentioned anywhere.

* Plone is shipping with lots of products already, I don't see why it simply can't ship with another one. Seriously, why? Plus, if they're really trying to solve problems for Plone 3, then it seems to be too late already. The target platform, Zope 2.10, is feature-frozen since long.

We will ship with this. I think the original point that made us nervous is having to get tarballs from, and not having a access to a repository.

Whether it ships with Zope or not will probably depend on how valuable people find it. I've not used it myself, but it sounds like it makes the catalog a bit more powerful and usable.

Well, the Zope 3 catalog is pretty much useless w/o any extra packages either. But at this point it has become almost trivial to install the necessary packages such as zc.catalog into your instance (using easy_install or zc.buildout).

It might not be a popular opinion in Zope 2 land where people would like to have as much working out of the box as possible, but I think we oughta think about making Zope 2 rather smaller than bigger (where "smaller" doesn't mean "ship with less stuff" but "have fewer inter-dependencies" so that it's better reusable). An Egg-based deployment mechanism with explicitly defined dependencies will allow us to do so.

I completely agree with this. On the other hand, as Andreas points out, if we are monkey patching ZCatalog to address deficiencies, then there may be reasons for tighter integration.

Sure. Perhaps we can look at those deficiencies and sort those out first.

I think the first step is to move it to the repository and let the community prod it a little.

I'll be absolutely fine with that.

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