Ian Bicking wrote:

One of the things that I think is pretty easy with workingenv, and a bit confusing with buildout, is moving one package into development. In workingenv you get the package you want (however you do that -- check out a branch, make your own local repository, unpack a tarball, etc), and you run (after activating the environment) "python setup.py develop". Or if the package isn't using setuptools, "python -c 'import setuptools; execfile("setup.py")' develop". Note that this is actually one of the few places you actually have to activate the environment. And heck, if I just compiled a little something into bin/python then even that wouldn't be necessary. (Maybe even a hard link would be enough, I'm not sure.)

In buildout it's a bit more complicated. You can move an egg into develop-eggs, but that relies on buildout finding the right package. That's not really that easy, especially because setuptools only really understands packages being newer or older, it doesn't understand things like branches. It's hard even when you don't have this problem.

I think all you need to do is something like this:

 $ svn co http://myrepo/myproduct/trunk src/myproduct

Edit buildout.cfg and add:

 develop-eggs = src/myproduct

(or add it to the list of develop-eggs)

 $ bin/buildout -o

(-o to save time only). As far as I understand, buildout explicitly prefers develop eggs over ones it has found otherwise. So, in other words, you check out the package you're working on (by convention into src/) and then point to the source location in builduot.cfg's develop-eggs option.

I don't find that confusing, personally - or did I miss something?

If you use the easy_install script in the workingenv bin/, then you don't have to activate the environment. Very similar to buildout, workingenv scripts contain their path/environment.

Right, thanks for pointing that out.

Workingenv does, as far as I know, work with Windows. At least I've received several patches (I've never used it myself).

Lucky you. :) Having Parallels on OS X is a mixed blessing. :)


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