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Anyone else should think about how to deal with this issue...I'm too
much  biased :-)

- -1 on reformatting code, especially if we are talking about putting it
in 'repos/main/Products.{AdvancedQuery,ManageableIndex}':  the win there
is to have it *possible* for somebody elxe to submit patches, link the
product in via 'svn:externals', etc., without making it harder for
Dieter to maintain.

The basic question for me is: should *any* code checked in on svn.zope.org
follow the basic code styles like the 4 space rule or only code of the core component used for building releases? I think we have no law written down for this problem?!

We all have a legitimate interest to see most of Dieters code in a public repository in order to use it properly for buildouts or for deploying it to sites. Someone of you might be interested to convince Dieter being more flexible and less meticulous.

 $ python -c "import this" | grep purity

+1 on this but this  applies always to both sides :-)


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