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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Roché Compaan wrote:
>>> On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 06:55 -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>> Roché Compaan wrote:
>>>>> I'm curious, has anybody played around with the idea of caching ZCatalog
>>>>> results and if I submitted a patch to do this would it be excepted?
>>>>> I quickly coded some basic caching of results on a volatile attribute
>>>>> and I was really surprised with the amount of cache hits I got
>>>>> (especially with a Plone site that is a heavy user of the catalog)
>>>> +1.  I think using the 'ZCachable' stuff (e.g., adding a RAMCacheManager
>>>> and associating a catalog to it) would be the sanest path here.
>>> Cool idea. I haven't done any coding involving OFS.Cache though. Looking
>>> at it briefly it looks like one can modify the catalog to subclass
>>> OFS.Cacheable and then use the ZCacheable_get, ZCacheable_set and
>>> ZCacheable_invalidate methods to interact with a cache manager. This
>>> needs to be pretty explicit though. Are there any side effects that I
>>> should guard against if the catalog subclasses OFS.Cache?
> I don't think so.  Here are some random thoughts on the idea:
>  -  The 'searchResults' method must pass its keyword arguments as
>     part of the cache key.
>  - I don't know if there is a reasonable way to do 'mtime' for
>    the catalog:  we would like to be able to get an mtime cheaply
>    for the BTrees (indexes, the 'data' container), but I don't know
>    if that is possible.
>  - The "right" place to do this feels like the 'searchResults' of
>    ZCatalog, just before it calls 'self._catalog.searchResults'.
>  - The CMF's catalog overrides 'searchResults', but calls it at
>    the end, so everything there should work.

Hmm, on further thought:

 - It isn't safe to stash persistent objects in the RAM Cache manager,
   because they can't be used safely from another database connection.

 - The result set you get back from a query is a "lazy", which will
   be consumed by each client:  no two clients will see the same

Maybe this won't work, after all.

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