Christian Theune wrote at 2007-3-7 20:09 +0100:
>I was looking through some publisher code and found that the
>`process_request` method which takes the request body as a file-like
>object and processes it as a FieldStorage happens within the application
>This would be better if it happened beforehand because it can takes up
>time while a transaction is running and a thread is used although it
>doesn't require any application-specific code.

In my view, it already now happens far too early, because 
it may raise exceptions and those exceptions are not handled
by the "standard_error_message" usually used for error processing
depending on the url.

Therefore, if you move out things, you should take care that
you move out only parts that cannot raise exceptions.

Furthermore, you seem to propose to move work from a worker thread
to the IO (i.e. "ZServer") thread. I do not think that it is a good idea to
put significant work on the IO thread.

Note, that the IO thread is responsible to handle all IO.
When you keep it busy with other tasks, it will not handle IO...

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