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I recently file this bug http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2290 however an error seems to have kept email notifications from being sent out. The issue is that DateTimeZone.py has the wrong changeover points for DST for the USA in it. This is used for all the DateTime zone conversions in DateTime so this
is a fairly critical issue.


A new version of this file though can probably be
used by nearly all the zope 2.x versions out there so once fixed it should be an easy patch. I just didn't want to change the numbers directly since I had hoped there was some automated tool that generated that file so I did not
screw things up trying to modify it directly.

If you can figure out what to change, then go for it. I don't know what the format of that data is or how to modify it. Unfortunately, this is not generated automatically. I imagine it is out of date for other locales as well.

I was planning to look at this eventually. (I used some nasty hacks in some of our older applications to get around this.) I was planning to rip out the current time-zone code and data and add logic to use pytz:


I think this would be the better approach in the long, and probably even medium, term. I don't think I'll have time to work on this soon though.


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