Christopher Lozinski wrote:
For those who have not been following this thread, here is the

Can you please not start a new thread for every turn of this conversation? 8 of the last 9 threads are by you on this exact issue.

Last night I realized that this proposal, will make it really easy
for me to create Archetype Classes on Plone.  Suddenly Plone
development goes from painful to fast and easy, and I can build my
new apps on Plone reasonably quickly.   Which I need, because I am
moving from a single person company to a multi-person company, and
the whole approvals cycle is now becoming much more important to me.

Plone development with Archetypes is not painful. Hundreds of developers do it, so it can't be that bad. See

and especially

The latter is about generating AT content types from UML diagrams.

Have you seen how many lines of code it takes on the file system to
put up a simple product with 1 instance variable?  I am just not as
smart as others. I make mistakes. If I can do a simple point and click to create a product, I will make fewer mistakes, and it will be
generated faster, and I have more time for other things.   There is
just too much software which needs to be written.

Yeah, I honestly don't find it very hard. But at the risk of repeating this again and again and again. Can you *please* look at Grok? Or ArchGenXML if you want to develop against Plone.

Good Point.  Better only edit the code in one place or this problem
will arise.   I will add a read me to the file system, saying DO NOT
EDIT THIS CODE ON THE FILE SYSTEM!  And a flag, perhaps a file name,
DO_NOT_OVERWRITE which will prevent overwrites.   Just think, this
will be the fastest way to generate a new zope product.

If you just want something to create boilerplate filesystem code, then look into PasteScript and ZopeSkel. For a Plone perspective, see:

Also, Zope needs a restart to load a new product, which will mess
with the workflow.
Great Point.  I hope this one is fixable.  I would think it should be
possible for Zope to be able to dynamically unload a Product, or load
or reload a product.  I wonder why it does not do so now?  Is this
fixable?   Of course once the product is loaded, a refresh.txt option
allows it to be changed and rewritten dynamically.

Again, I doubt people will be willing to perform risky refactoring of Zope internals to support your one dubious use case.

I do agree with you on one point.  It needs a different name.  Can I
call them LozinskiClasses?  I am surprised more people do not
ego-name products.   Look a new word!



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