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And I would like these schema generators to understand not only specific python 
objects, but also the network of python business objects.
I would like a security model based on business rules.

There is nothing in ZClasses that help you do this, as compared with
doing it with say, Plone and ATSchemaEditorNG.

That is way different from the Zope 2 security model.

Well, no it isn't. It's a bit different from the CMF security model, agreed.

I think Zope 3 comes closer to allowing me to build my own security model.

Sure. So, Zope3 + userschemas and some workflow then.

THAT would be useful. Fiddling with ZClasses is not.

Of course I would love such a security model in Zope 2, but I am not waiting 
for it.  Maybe I could do it with 5.

You can do it with ordinary Zope2 as well and it's not even hard, but
admittedly it's tricky if you want to do everything TTW. But then, we
have constantly told you not to. :-)

For my next app the only thing I have approved so far is python and ZODB.

Very reasonable attitude.

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