Hanno Schlichting wrote:

as some of you may have noticed I worked a bit more on philikon's branch
which makes Acquisition and in return the Zope2 security machinery aware
of __parent__ pointers.

The branch can be found here:

The current state is that there's only one test failure left in Five
which concerns the Zope2 version of the TAL provider expression and the
viewlet machinery. It is a bad combination of lots of manual AQ-wrapping
and irritating __parent__ pointers and can probably be fixed by removing
most of the manual wrapping.

As I won't have much time to work on this anymore, I would encourage all
of you to take a look at the branch and help in finishing it.

What's left to do is the fun part of ripping apart Five and removing as
much Acquisition mix-in classes from it as possible. After that many
Five constructs should actually be identical to their Zope3 counterparts
and thus can be deprecated.

Anyone feels like eliminating some code?

Wohoo! You rock, Hanno! :)

Do the Plone tests all run with this branch? There's a fair amount of silly wrapping and acrobatics there too, so it's probably a good test case.

Maybe we should've just made this your SoC project. Too late now! :)

Acquisition is a jealous mistress

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