On 6 Jul 2007, at 09:59 , Andreas Jung wrote:
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Andreas Jung wrote:
now that Zope 3.4.0b1 has been tagged, I plan to release Zope 2.11.0b1
by mid-July. Objections?

Like Chris, I'd rather have one or two alphas first. Why not make an
alpha mid-July and perhaps a beta at the end of July?

Well, since we don't want to create a release-branch before the first beta you can of course commit your changes to the current trunk which will become the first beta. Or tagging the current trunk as a1 and creating the tarball isn't the problem. However I am convinced that all developer can/do work with SVN checkouts and don't depend on tarballs. But if you like a dedicated alpha we can go this way. But it looks as if you want more time to commit
changes for the 2.11 release?

Heh, in a way, yes. Don't we all need more time? :)

Seriously, I *do* believe there's a benefit to alphas: it reminds 3rd party developers, for example the whole Plone crowd, to go ahead and test their stuff with the upcoming Zope release.

So if you want an extended period for commit changes and some new feature I am also fine with starting the betas later. We're not slaves of release schedule. So if you tell me that you need time (say until the begin or middle of August) for finishing your coding ..no problem.

Nah, it's good to set a deadline, it makes lazy people like me finally look at some changes that should go into the trunk ;).

Let's not postpone, at least not too much. I'd still be for an alpha soonish (perhaps after EuroPython)?

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