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to make it short: I propose to move the Zope 2 bugtracker to
Launchpad. Since the Zope 3 bugtracker works already with success on LP
we should follow with the Zope 2 bugtracker. Objections?

One could also move the CMF bugtracker to LP at the same time. Then only
the APE and the PAS trackers would remain. The PAS tracker is already
empty and the APE tracker is also pretty much obsolete and contains only
a few items.

And there is also the zope.org website tracker which could be migrated.
The guys from Canonical suggested also to migrate all these trackers
in one run.

I would prefer to do this only if it is possible to have old collector
URLs redirected automagically to the corresponding launchpad URL:  there
are too many changelog entries, etc., which refer to the current
collector URLs.

It should be possible to do this with some kind of traversal hook.

I'll ask the LP guys if it is possible getting a mapping old-ticket-number -> new-ticket-number after the migration process. However this won't solve the lookup problem with someone with an old ticket number goes directly
to LP and searches there by the old number..this will fail.


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