Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:
Hanno Schlichting wrote at 2007-9-9 11:58 +0200:
Obviously this needs a bit of rather hairy code
Indeed, as you must not define 'locale' as a request attribute
(it may hide 'locale' "set otherwise") but otherwise let it behave as if
it were an attribute.

We already do something similar for the request.debug variable, but this
uses a stack frame hack which limits the debug attribute to be shown to
code in the zope.* packages.

For the locale this is an undesired limitation as other code (like
plone.app.*) would like to use this as well.

But we are already overriding each an every access method on the request
(like __getattr__, __getitem__, ...) so stuffing some conditional code
in there should be possible.

I'll try to implement a patch for this.

Thanks. I think you guys are on the right track.

Perhaps we can also sanitize the 'debug' issue at the same time? They should probably be treated equally.

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