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security.declareProtected(view_management_screens, 'getBypassQueue')
def getBypassQueue(self):
     "get _by_pass"
     if not hasattr(self,"_bypass"):
         self._bypass = False
     return self._bypass

I would write this as:

   return getattr(self, '_bypass', False)

avoiding both write-on-read and hasattr in one fell swoop.
thanks for the tip.

<input type="checkbox" name="enable_bypass"
                       here/portal_catalog/getBypassQueue" />

I get:
Unauthorized: The container has no security assertions. Access to 'getBypassQueue' of (QueueCatalog at /uniben/portal_catalog) denied.

What I am missing here.

You need to supply security assertions for the new method you have adeed
to the class (your security assertions are being "left behind" in the
context where you defined the function)..  Likely you can add another
attribute to the class, 'getBypassQueue__roles__', with the value being
a tuple, ('Manager',)  (unless you want to figure out how to create a
PermissionRoles object yourself).
I solved it with:

QueueCatalog.getBypassQueue__roles__ = ['Manager', 'Owner',]
thanks for the help.

Gruß Joachim
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