Sidnei da Silva wrote:

My intent is:

"Given any recipe, no matter where data is coming from (be it an egg
in PyPI, a Subversion checkout or a tarball), I would like to be able
to perform an operation in the 'local copy' of the data, without
depending on the person that wrote the recipe to have allowed me to do

An example being, after a recipe that does a Subversion checkout runs,
my custom operation kicks in and applies a patch to the local copy
before the buildout processing continues.

I believe that this might be doable today by writing custom
configuration, but maybe it's such a common case that could be

Maybe something along the lines of (note: this is all pseudo-config):

recipe = some.recipe.checkout
url = svn://url-to-repo/package

recipe = zc.recipe.cmmi
source = {Step1:location}

Do ${Step1:location}

patch = /path/to/my/patch

products = {Step2:location}

I believe that something like this might already work today,

It does. Again, this is "just Python". You have a dict-like variable 'buildout' passed to your recipe's __init__(). This has keys for each section, which contains a dict with keys for each option. So above, you could address buildout['Step1']['url'], say. You can also put things into this dict-of-dicts. Once a recipe has been run, subsequent recipes will be able to see things put into the dict.

if not it
might be easy to make it work that way. But what I'm after is to avoid
Step2 above by listing the patch to be applied in Step1 even if
'some.recipe.checkout' does not support the 'patch' option directly.

How would you avoid naming conflicts? How would you declare where that option comes from? I really don't think the overhead of having to specify a new recipe (as in your Step2 above) is very much, and it's a lot more explicit.

All in all, if you tell me that the hypotetical Step2 above really
can't be avoided and that the best option is to make
'some.recipe.checkout' and any other recipes out support the 'patch'
option directly, I would be fine with that too.

I'd suggest that's the best way. Only a limited number of recipes would really need 'path' - those could re-use your patch recipe via composition if necessary, but you have a fallback of using the recipe on its own.


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