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Jodok Batlogg wrote at 2007-10-8 08:48 +0200:
do you know about the performance? if you compare a modern, fast
linux server - connected to the SAN as well?
i think the solaris machine will perform well if you need to run
multiple ZEOs...

I had compared packing on our previous generation SUN cluster
with packing on a Linux server. The Linux server was about 4 times

But our system administrators have a very strong preference for
SUN hardware. They told me that SUN has a much better IO subsystem
and that this will become obvious when the system is under load.

that's what we've been told as well. especially because all applications on the server are I/O bound (zeo, postgresql, nfs). they told me as well, that the clustering/failover works perfect with roughly _zero_ downtime :) the san behind it is really powerful and should be able to reach 2x80MB/s easily.

My personal opinion is that they can buy SUN support such that
within a few hours all problems will be fixed by SUN while for Linux
they can not get this level of support -- and therefore they prefer
SUN. But, that's just my assumption (I do not have a proof).

exactly - the cluster is f***ing expensive (RAM, SUN certification,...) but has almost no downtime ("guaranteed"). we finally managed to get the sun-cluster to test the setup (especially ZEO) and have the possibility to give it back and switch to LINUX in case it doesn't work.
i'll keep you updated about our testing results.

thanks so far



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