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Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> I may not *want* the other package's ZCML to be loaded:  some of its
>> policies may not be appropriate for my application.  I think that the
>> "library" vs. "pluggable application" distinction is valid here:  maybe
>> you want to define an entry point in the egg which a given pluggable app
>> would use at startup time to configure all the plugins which exposed
>> that entry point.
> +1
>> Five fakes such an entry point now by implicitly
>> loading meta.zcml, then configure.zcml, then overrides.zcml for all
>> packages it recognizes as products:  are you proposing to replace Five's
>> DWIM with a new, explicit version?
> That may be preferable, but quite hard from a BBB perspective. Right now 
> all kinds of products exist that just expect their ZCML to be 
> automagically loaded.

I'm not arguing against preserving the majyk done for things Zope2 calls
'Products';  however, I don't want to extend the majyk any further.  I
would also be fine with adding a new directive which caused explicit
triggering of introspected ZCML, e.g.:

  <!-- Load ZCML from all packages which register a 'meta.zcml'
      entry point -->
  <majyk entry_point="meta.zcml" />

  <!-- Load ZCML from all packages which register a 'configure.zcml'
      entry point -->
  <majyk entry_point="configure.zcml" />

I *really* don't see the point, by the way, in automagically running
'overrides.zcml' from products:  by definition, the reusable package
author doesn't know enough to override declarations made by other
reusable packages.  If a site manager wants to configure overides, then
adding them manually to her site.zcml should be fine.

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