Martijn Faassen wrote at 2007-10-20 03:15 +0200:
> ...
>I'd say it is a general concern of a framework to try to avoid how often 
>you need to repeat yourself. Right now you to use a Zope 3 package you 
>need to do the following things:
>* list the egg in your dependencies
>* load the ZCML required
>* import it in your code
>Investigating ways to reduce this sounds like a win from a framework 
>perspective. Getting rid of the separate ZCML step would help as it'd 
>make it more similar to just reusing an arbitrary Python package, making 
>Zope less special in some ways.

Zope 2 had (for products) all three things together.

It was felt that this was a too tight coupling. Therefore, for Zope 3 
the paradigma "explicit is better than implicit" (a paradigma, that I
personally dislike and find wrong) was used.

Now, you want again more things to happen implicitly.
In my view, this is natural -- but not in the Zope 3 spirit...

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