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  >>> DateTime('2006-01-01')._tz

Yeah, that's completely odd.

But standards compliant. The previous behaviour was contrary to the specification. According to

"If no time zone information is given with a time, the time zone is assumed to be in some conventional local time zone."

I strongly disagreed with the argument for that change
(, because it broke the
semantics of the class, based on long-established use in Zope:  datetime
strings which used ISO notation, but provided no explicit timezone, were
assigned 'GMT+0' as the timezone.

Totally agreed.

However if we must preserve this bug for backwards compatibility then we must. (This bugfix would not change the interpretation of existing pickles).


Is this right issue? The URL redirection to LP points me to this:


The trunk should be reverted to preserve the old behavior, which may be
relied on by third-party applications.

Jup, either revert the change or fix it.


'Fixed' in r81213.


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