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The recommendation is still "System python is evil, evil, evil" (quoting

Sure, but if you ever want to be able to tell users to do:

easy_install plone

to get their Plone site, it's a necessary evil evil evil. ;)

We generally encourage not to use the system Python in everything we ship (Windows, Mac and Unified installers all ship their own Python) — but I really hope we won't be stuck with Python 2.4 after the world has moved on to Python 2.5 and 2.6.

Agreed. Of course we'll still be stuck on Python 2.x for what amounts to indefinitely when Python 3.x comes out, but that is another problem for the future.

I agree that something like this is a necessary evil. I don't think easy_install plone should ever be the way to install it, unless this installs a 'ploneproject' that creates buildouts for you and then installs everything non-globally. Nonetheless, this should be possible with the system Python, just so people can try things out easily.

Anyway, perhaps some of the Plone people could volunteer in fixing up Zope 2 for Python 2.5 then?



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