Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Log message for revision 81348:
  Optimized un/registerUtility via storing an optimized data structure
  efficient retrieval of already registered utilities. This avoids
looping over
  all utilities when registering a new one.
You are changing what looks like persistent datastructures. Are you sure
this doesn't introduce backwards compatibility issues?

Sorry, you are right. I changed it to only optimize non-persistent
registries and fall back on the algorithm which doesn't need an
optimized new data structure as before.

Does it still install the optimized datastructure if you create a new persistent registry?

I also question naming the next release 3.4.1. This is not a bugfix. I
think it should come in as 3.5.

I'm not sure what criteria determine if something is a feature change
and what is not, so I changed the next version on trunk to 3.5.

I think the criteria should be very simple: if it's a bugfix, you can release a bugfix release. If it's anything else, make it a feature release. Optimization is a feature, not a bugfix.

The combination here would've been particularly bad: people innocently try version 3.4.1 and suddenly find their ZODB is broken. :)

Note that I'm actually quite excited to see optimization work - this is why I paid particular attention to your checkin at all. Thanks for looking into this stuff!



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