In summary:

- Uploading eggs that have loose install_requires dependencies to the cheeseshop is harmful.

- Taking non-Zope-the-appserver deployments into account, I'd be suspicious of any "install_requires" dependency on "zope.configuration" except in a Zope-the-appserver meta-egg.

- Same for the [zcml] extra when specifying 'zope.component' in install_requires.

- The dependencies of zope.configuration seem not sane, transitively.

- The dependencies of zope.component [zcml] seem not sane, transitively
  (although 'zope.component' without the [zcml] is reasonably sane).


I wanted to go use zope.pagetemplate in a small non-Zope project. When I did "easy_install zope.pagetemplate" (from PyPI) into a fresh virtual environment, it installed all of the following eggs:


Once it gets past ZConfig, it then failed with:

error: Installed distribution zope.traversing 3.4.0 conflicts with requirement zope.traversing>

The transitive install_requires dependencies of zope.pagetemplate 3.4.0 can't possibly be right, or at least they're much too conservative.

The problem starts in the install_requires of zope.i18n:

                      'zope.component [zcml]',

zope.i18n should not depend on zope.configuration in install_requires, because it's only used in it's "" and if you use it as a library (as opposed to as a Zope plugin) you won't load up any of its zcml; even if "important" stuff gets registered, it's expected that you'll have to do it by hand when it's used as a library.

The dependency on 'zope.component [zcml]' is legitimate except for the [zcml] part for the same reason.

The install_requires for the zope.pagetemplate (at least for 3.4.0) should be:

                      'pytz == 2007g',
                      'zope.i18nmessageid == 3.4.3',
                      'zope.component == 3.4.0',

When I build a new zope.i18n (3.4.0) egg with these dependencies, its transitive dependency set when installed is:


.. which is acceptable, I think. Once that's done, the additional dependencies imposed by zope.pagetemplate are:


.. and it works as a library:

Python 2.4.4 (#1, Oct 17 2007, 20:25:32)
[GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 5250)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplatefile import PageTemplate
>>> my_pt = PageTemplate()
>>> my_pt.write("<html></html>")
>>> my_pt()

I ran all unit tests by hand, as opposed to risking false passes due to installations that would come from tests_require when invoked via test and they work. I've uploaded the revised zope.i18n tarball here:

The current release of zope.pagetemplate on PyPI just can't be installed via easy_install due to a conflict, probably because somebody uploaded a new egg and some dependency isn't specific enough. Removing the dependency on "zope.configuration" and "zope.component [zcml]" (replacing it with "zope.component") in my case happens to fix that for me temporarily but this is indicative of a larger problem. Distributions made with "install_requires" specifications that do not name a particular "==" version or at least a min-max range should not be uploaded to the cheeseshop (as opposed to a private repository that has a smaller working set and to whom fewer people contribute), because their existence is just pollution for people who try to install them using easy_install. The transitive dependency set will inevitably break over time as new (incompatible) eggs are uploaded, as the Grok folks already know.

I think fixing this sort of stuff is important if it's a goal to allow people to use Zope technologies outside of Zope-the-appserver. I'd like to participate by making new releases, but I'm not sure whose toes I'd be stepping on, and I think I'd need guidance from people who understand why things are the way they are now. Maybe we should have a sprint.

- C

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