Stephan Richter wrote:
On Saturday 03 November 2007, Benji York wrote:
Log message for revision 81431:
  Fix bug introduced in 3.4.1 that created incompatible tracebacks in
doctests. This neccesitated adding a patched mechanize to the source tree;
patches have been sent to the mechanize project.

Yeah, you are right, I changed the errors since the last version of mechanize -- 0.1.7b -- throws the wrong error. I should have used RE normalizers to fix the problem instead of rewriting the doc tests. I will go through the packages that are effected and fix that.

I don't think normalizers are necessary. Testbrowser should have never raised different exceptions. Probably the best thing to do would be to put the "HTTPError"s back where "httperror_seek_wrapper" is now.

Specifying versions in either the or buildout.cfg is a really bad idea because it makes it impossible for people with different KGSs to work on packages.

I certainly see how putting versions in is bad, but don't understand how versions in buildout.cfg cause problems. Can you explain?

Also, I am not sure that including mechanize in the testbrowser release is a good idea. What if other packages in my repos also use mechanize, but they rely on the good and bad things of the released packages? I think this will end in a big mess.

As there's no released version of mechanize that will work, I don't see another option. What alternative do you suggest?

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