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> Betreff: Re: AW: Re: Grok 0.11 released!
> Stephan Richter wrote:
> > On Friday 09 November 2007, Roger Ineichen wrote:
> >> Hi Tres
> >>
> >>> Whoever released those two eggs (the '.dev-r#####' ones) need to 
> >>> release "real" updated packages, and then grok 0.11.1 should be 
> >>> released using them.
> >>>
> >> As far as I understand, this does not happen if you depend 
> on a KGS, 
> >> right?
> >>
> >> Does the grok release not use the KGS from Stephan?
> > 
> > I agree with Roger, Grok should use the KGS and all will be 
> fine. ;-)
> It can't because you guys broke a dozen packages when you 
> split up some of the zope.app.* packages. I'm going to fix this now.
> Also, I have a couple of beefs with the "locked down index" 
> approach to 
> the KGS. For instance, if we use the Zope 3.4.x KGS, how 
> would we lock 
> down the version of the grok egg? Or simplejson, z3c.flashmessage and 
> all the other Grok-specific dependencies? Create our own locked down 
> index? I don't think so.

I think so because,

Before KGS there was no concept for keep the eggs in sync. Each project 
has to do it by itself. KGS at least is something that helps to manage 
the zope eggs. Everything outside this has to be done by the release 
manager of the project.

And before the KGS, the cheesshop was nothing else then a 
different concept for get packages.

The reason why is; 
Fixing revision numbers in packages does not work!!!

Fixing version will make it impossible to use it as base
and mix other packge into a setup. Because of the potential
conflicting packages you will mixin.

if a package foo-0.1 use bar-0.1 and bar get update to bar-0.2
and breaks, you can update bar to bar-0.3 and make it work
again. If you fix the version in package foo-0.1 only 
to use bar-0.1 because the broken bar-0.2 you will get
in trouble. Because foo-0.1 works with bar-0.1 and bar-0.3.

The way to go is:
You can use a KGS and define that you use foo-0.1 and
bar-0.2 or foo-0.1 and bar-0.2. 

Agan, if you try to fix this in the egg itself, you get
blocked sooner or later.

I think the next step for KGS is to define more KGS 
packages. This will make sure that we have a better controll
of what is working with what.

Note, we lost all this since the eggs do not have a realation
to the subsversion version numbers. The Subversion did ensure
that for a specific timestamp everything (in the trunk) was
working with each other. That's history and now a part of the
release process.

But the good thing about eggs and the KGS now is, that we are
able to define the working set for packages outside the Zope
trunk too.

Roger Ineichen

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