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I therefore still believe that version dependency information should
move out of external indexes and into packages.

This is at least the intuitive place for this information. My
application requires Grok 0.11, which requires zope 3.4.0b2 which then would be a package that doesn't contain any code, just requirements of
eggs that in turn has requirements of their own. I'm not even sure
this *is* different from how the unices does it, but it just seems the
obvious way of doing it. I would be interested in knowing if this has

Meta-eggs are considered a bad idea in the Python world. I originally wanted to create a meta-egg, but Jim convinced my to use a different approach; hence
the index.

Meta eggs aren't a bad or a good idea by themselves. They are a good solution to some problems and a bad (or less good) solution to others. IMO, meta eggs are a good way to fix versions in *applications*. (I think buildout's version-specification mechanism is another good approach, with certain advantages and disadvantages).

I think a package repository, of which a KGS is an example, is a good way to provide access to a collection of packages known to work together -- especially as it provides a nice way to manage bug fixes. I think "Zope 3" is better served by a well-managed repository, because Zope 3 is a platform, not an application. IMO, a well-managed KGS (set of KGS releases) will serve the community of developers who use Zope better than a rigid version specification.


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