On Nov 14, 2007, at 4:46 AM, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
   The individual eggs typically can't be used
    outside of a zope appserver installation (and if they can, they
    probably shouldn't be in "zope.app", they should be in "zope" or
    they should be their own top-level package), and the
    "namespaciness" of zope.app is suspect when it's unlikely that
    anyone who is not a Zope committer will release a distribution
    which makes use of that namespace package.  Their current
    overgranularity makes distributing them as separate eggs and
releasing them to the cheeseshop a form of "cheeseshop pollution",
    especially given that so few of them can actually currently be
installed using easy_install or "setup.py install". If cheeseshop is going to continue to be used as the index, I'd suggest creating
    a zope.app top-level svn module with a single setup.py in
    containing all the packages that are meant to go into zope.app.
Version the resulting "zope.app" distribution as necessary instead of versioning many more granular "zope.app.*" distros. It's OK if
    some people don't use some of the functionality in the resulting
    egg, just toss everything in.

We can (and should) do that... almost :). For ages, the zope.app package has been treated as a namespace package because it always contained stuff that was releasable and stuff that wasn't (e.g. zope.app.homefolder or zope.app.css were experiments that probably shouldn't have been committed there in the first place, but alas, it happened).

If we put a lot of these packages back together, we should still treat zope.app as a namespace package. Let's not go back on that.

One caution is that distutils and setuptools provide no help with multiple eggs that contain the same package. This means that someone can install the combined and separate packages at the same time (like they can now install ZODB3 and transaction) leading to subtle bugs.

Probably the biggest mistake we made in this process was moving to fast. Whatever we do to "fix" the current situation, let's be very careful not to make it worse.

I don't think we should start releasing stuff that isn't in a releasable state.

You mean we never should have started. :)


    Yes, you lose the
    ability to make a bugfix in one subpackage and release it, but
    IIRC the intent is to trim zope.app down anyway, pushing
    libraryish things out to top-level or zope.* packages.

That *was* the plan at least. We moved several packages in the Zope 3.2 -> 3.3 upgrade, but a lot of people complained, so we pretty much stopped doing that. Except when recently the Python parts of zope.app.securitypolicy, zope.app.session were moved to zope.securitypolicy, zope.session in an attempt to be able to reuse the Python stuff without getting the browser views.

IOW, we have to balance cleanliness with disruption. For a while, those of us working on Zope 3 revelled in "refactor mercilessly". This was fine before Zope 3 was widely adopted. We have since leaned the value of mercy. :)

 - Who's in charge?  Whomever you might be, to what extent do you
   agree/disagree with the above suggestions?  If you agree with any,
   how can I help fix things?
 - I'm unsure how anybody is able to install Zope 3 right now using
   eggs, unless there's some fundamental difference in the way
easy_install resolves dependencies vs. buildout. I have not looked
   at how Stephan's KGS works yet, though, so I'm sure I'm just
   missing some magic.
 - We should consider fixing setuptools install to detect conflicts
   before attempting to install anything.


I strongly suspect that this will be impractical.

   The current regime of "find
   conflicts halfway through an install" is IMO untenable in the long
   term for using eggs as a distribution mechanism.  This may mean a
   very invasive change to both the package index and the client
   software, though.

Yup. The problem is that people run custom indexes locally so setuptools would have to be able to deal with different kinds of index implementations.

Huh? There is a defined index API. The custom indexes conform to this afaik.

Things could certainly be made faster if the index provided access to more meta data, still resolving conflicts will still be potentially computationally very intensive.

I still believe that a setuptools prefer-final switch would go a long way towards addressing this problem.

I'll also not that, AFAIK, the current problems weren't due to true conflicts, but due to packages in the cheeseshop requiring package releases that weren't in the cheeseshop.


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