Dieter Maurer wrote:
Chris Withers wrote at 2007-11-14 09:14 +0000:
Tres Seaver wrote:
I've never known of transactions in anything to do with setuptools...
I wasn't literally referring to a "transaction", in the ZODB sense -- I
meant, "install using a separate run of easy_install'.
Unless I'm missing something, that seems... sub-optimal.

So I have to do easy_install package x, edit a config file, then easy_install package y, rinse and repeat?!

A call with different options is sufficient....

That still seems a bit ropey...

Have all the things that have lead to buildout/kgs/etc been brought to the attention of the distutils sig? This *must* be a problem that all decent sized python frameworks are facing.

How are other communities solving this problems?

What's the "standard" way of solving this problem in the python world?



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