On Nov 15, 2007 9:35 AM, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  - Making sure that the tests can psss for somebody who is not a
>    core Zope developer, (and therefore who doesn't know about
>    zc.buildout, or want to).  E.g.:
>     $ /path/to/python setup.py develop
>     $ /path/to/python setup.py test

How many people actually use "setup.py test" for a package they aren't

Generally, when I download a package, I don't expect to know a priori
how to run the tests.  Given the number of testing frameworks and
tools commonly used for Python these days (nose, trial, py.test,
etc.), I'm certainly not going to assume that the setuptools solution
was chosen.

Given that both setuptools and "bare" distutils use setup.py as the
interface to build & install operations, I'm not going to assume that
a package uses setuptools.  I think of setuptools as a
tool for a package's developer to use in setup.py, which may color my
thinking in odd ways.  Generally, though, I don't know setuptools is
being used unless I actually look inside setup.py.

I'm not suggesting that "setup.py test" is a bad thing, just that I
wouldn't assume it.


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