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Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-11-15 10:28 -0500:
Agreed. I'll note that there is a school of thought that I proposed
but am somewhat ambivalent about that anything required by tests
should also be required by install. This is in accordance with "fly
what you test, test what you fly."  To the degree that we do this,
then there is no need for tests_require.

"AdvancedQuery" is a counter example to that.

 "AdvancedQuery" is willing to be used with almost all indexes.
 Thus, "install_requires" should not require any special indexes.

 But, "AdvancedQuery" can better work with "Managable Indexes"
 and, then, provides more features.
 Therefore, its test suite uses "Managable Index" and examines
 the "more freatures".

ALso, often the set of dependencies required by the tests are larger than the set of dependencies required for the distribution to be useful at installation time. E.g. in one of my distributions, I ship a set of ZCML declaration definitions, and my tests need to test it, and thus the tests need some ZCML package support to run. But the distribution doesn't actually itself need the same ZCML support packages to run, it just needs it to test that, were someone to use the ZCML declaration stuff I've created, it would work.

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