On Nov 16, 2007, at 9:07 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Thursday 15 November 2007, Martin Aspeli wrote:
Then I tried to easy_install zope.security, but this pulled in most of Zope, including the ZODB, ZConfig and zdaemon. That's a real shame - no CA (at least not with ZCML) without having pretty much all of Zope there.

Actually, I never got to try it further, because this then died with:

/Users/optilude/Development/Pylons/zylons/lib/python2.4/site- packages/ZConf
ig-2.5-py2.4.egg error: Installed distribution zope.traversing 3.4.0
conflicts with requirement zope.traversing>=3.5.0a1.dev-r78730

Are the Zope eggs ready for prime time? Maybe I should be doing it

You need to specify the KGS for all downloads, then you would not have gotten
the conflict.

Stephan, the KGS is great, but it isn't the answer to this situation. Unless we stop uploading packages to the cheeseshop, packages there have to work with the cheeseshop. Pylons users aren't going to switch to a different index just to use zope.component. (Fortunately, they don't need to.)

Something is broken here and it needs to be fixed.


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