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Help appreciated!
Well, I suggest you forget about ZCML and try to use the CA directly
from Python. The Pylons people would probably appreciate the lack of
XML anyway. :)

i'd also recommend this. i've actually been working on a pylons app that uses zope.component, it works like a dream. zope.component brings in a total of 6 eggs, IIRC. if you really want zcml-like separation of config and code, then put your python configuration declarations in a separate module.

this not only Just Works(tm), but i think lennart's point about not scaring people away w/ an XML-based config language is a huge one.

Depends on the people. At work, we're using Spring (which, as far as Java goes, is great). The notion of having XML-based configuration gives a lot of wins in certain types of applications - mostly around being able to override "deployment" type settings in a staging or developer environment.

In any case, I definitely see a case for both. I can't see a good reason why we can't have support for simple XML-based component registration without having to depend on the ZODB and tons of other Zope eggs.

I understand the historical reasons behind these dependencies, but I genuinely think we should pick a few libraries that are "useful" to the outside world (zope.interface, zope.component, zope.configuration, zope.annotation, zope.event come to mind) and work to make these have "clean" dependencies. We don't have to do it all at once, just try to identify where there is a need (to me - using basic CA functions, including externalised configuration). We should also market this, just like Lennart did with his recent blog post (thanks Lennart!)

Otherwise, they are not usable outside "Zope-the-megaframework", in which case, why are we doing all this eggification and attempting to share the love? :)


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