Roger Ineichen wrote:

> The IContentProvider interfaces is a marker interface which describes what
> a component must support that it get collected by the Tales Expression.

As an aside, I think that a marker interface is one that doesn't describe
any interface elements at all, but just there to, well, mark some class or

> We
> didn't define the __init__ signature because we didn't know if there are
> other usecases which will need different adaption later and it's also not
> common to restrict the __init__. But we should do that if we change
> something.

Well, I thought we had agreed in that earlier discussion that __init__
should never be specified in an interface as it describes how an object is
constructed in contrast to how it behaves during its lifetime?

> I'm not really sure what you are trying to do or improve.

In the case of IContentProvider, I'm pretty sure the interface is talking
about things it shouldn't. What I was trying to do is some minor clean-up
for the sake of doing things right.

> Any new ideas are welcome, the description above doesn't mean we can't
> improve something.

Fine, but I admit I don't have the energy to start that
__init__-and-interface discussion again. Unless we agree on that, I'll
just let the matter rest.


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