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Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Hi All,

Does the component architecture support un-registering adapters and
the like?
>From zope.component.interfaces:

class IComponentRegistry(interface.Interface):
    """Register components
    def unregisterUtility(component=None, provided=None, name=u''):
        """Unregister a utility
    def unregisterAdapter(factory=None, required=None,
                          provided=None, name=u''):
        """Register an adapter factory
    def unregisterSubscriptionAdapter(factory=None, required=None,
                                      provides=None, name=u''):
        """Unregister a subscriber factory.
    def unregisterHandler(handler=None, required=None, name=u''):
        """Unregister a handler.

That'll do it, I think.  :)

You need a bit of extra information that is not in the interface: where
to find the registry. To get the global registry you can do this:

   from zope.component.globalregistry import base as base_registry

I think you should use zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager() for this.

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