Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Robert Casties wrote at 2007-11-25 19:32 +0100:
>> is it possible to escape parentheses in ZCTextIndex searches?
>> If not, why not and how can I do a simple search in an index bypassing
>> the QueryParser?
> I fear nobody of us knows this.
> Therefore, you must yourself look at the sources.

I had a quick look at the QueryParser source before but it wasn't
obvious to me. I will have a deeper look again.

> If you need this feature and "ZCTextIndex" does not provide
> it, then you may use a different text index.
> I know that with "TextIndexNG3" you can select different
> parsers (among others a parser that does not interpret '(' and ')')
> or provide your own one.

Is the parser for the search query also pluggable? I will have another
look at TextIndexNG.

>> I have an index where words can contain parentheses and I am unable to
>> enter a query for these words because the QueryParser interprets all
>> parentheses as search expression groupings.
> Then, you will need to change the lexicon as well.
> Usually, the lexicon breaks words at non alnum characters
> (with a few exeptions).

I have my own splitter for the Lexicon so I think the right words are in
the index but I haven't been able to check because I can't search the


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