Nathan Yergler wrote:
> On 11/27/07, Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Nathan Yergler wrote:
>>> I've run into a problem this morning with i18n in Zope3, and I'm not
>>> exactly sure what the appropriate approach is.  We have a set of South
>>> African translations, paticularly Zulu (zu) and Sotho (st) that are
>>> getting picked up correctly.  Upon some inspection it appears that the
>>> i18n negotiator is skipping over them, with an exception such as:
>>> The desired locale is not available.
>>> Path: 
>>> /Users/nathan/p/cc.engine/branches/production/eggs/zope.i18n-3.4.0-py2.4.egg/zope/i18n/locales/data/st.xml
>>> Upon inspection I can confirm that the locales which are not working
>>> are those without .xml files in the data directory.  So a few
>>> questions:
>>> * Is there an external source for those .xml files, or do we create
>>> them ourselves?
>> The XML files are from the ICU repository
>> ( AFAIK we're using quite an old version
>> of the files. The problem is we can't simply upgrade to the newest
>> release because the XML DTD changed and the code in zope.i18n.locales
>> isn't very robust regarding DTD changes (which is quite hard anyway). I
>> don't think anybody would object if the files and the code were updated
>> *wink* ;).
> Where "wink" is defined as "so why don't you go ahead and do it", I expect :).

If you follow the wink, has the details to
the files. Currently the latest is at

Zope at this point still uses LDML 1.0 whereas the latest version is
LDML 1.5.

Upon casual inspection of the files it seems their basic structure is
still the same, though more careful inspection is required.


P.S. Updating those files is on my list for some month now, but I don't
expect to have any time for that for real in the near future :(

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