On Nov 28, 2007 12:29 AM, Nathan Yergler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > If you follow the wink,
> > http://www.unicode.org/cldr/repository_access.html has the details to
> > the files. Currently the latest is at
> > http://unicode.org/Public/cldr/1.5.0/core.zip.
> >
> > Zope at this point still uses LDML 1.0 whereas the latest version is
> > LDML 1.5.
> >
> > Upon casual inspection of the files it seems their basic structure is
> > still the same, though more careful inspection is required.
> I've been avoiding even less interesting work this afternoon, taking a
> look at this.  I started by dumping the new files into the data
> directory and just running the tests.  As expected, things blew up in
> a really spectacular manner.
> After some wrangling I've discovered that in the newer versions of the
> CLDR dataset some of the information previously contained in the
> locale files (such as weekend start/end, etc), is now in located in a
> "supplemental" file.  While this makes a certain amount of sense (it's
> tied to territories, not really languages), it does mean that the
> information needed for a Locale is no longer self-contained in a
> single XML file.
> So unfortunately it's going to require some more work to fix up the
> loader; I'll probably create a branch to work on this some...

Has anyone looked at Babel (http://babel.edgewall.org/)? It includes a
python interface to CLDR, which if usable would let us off the hook of
maintaining such an interface ourselves.

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