Martijn Pieters wrote:
On Nov 28, 2007 12:29 AM, Nathan Yergler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
If you follow the wink, has the details to
the files. Currently the latest is at

Zope at this point still uses LDML 1.0 whereas the latest version is
LDML 1.5.

Upon casual inspection of the files it seems their basic structure is
still the same, though more careful inspection is required.
I've been avoiding even less interesting work this afternoon, taking a
look at this.  I started by dumping the new files into the data
directory and just running the tests.  As expected, things blew up in
a really spectacular manner.

After some wrangling I've discovered that in the newer versions of the
CLDR dataset some of the information previously contained in the
locale files (such as weekend start/end, etc), is now in located in a
"supplemental" file.  While this makes a certain amount of sense (it's
tied to territories, not really languages), it does mean that the
information needed for a Locale is no longer self-contained in a
single XML file.

So unfortunately it's going to require some more work to fix up the
loader; I'll probably create a branch to work on this some...

Has anyone looked at Babel ( It includes a
python interface to CLDR, which if usable would let us off the hook of
maintaining such an interface ourselves.

Looking at the API docs, it seems that the ILocale implementations in zope.i18n.locale could simply make appropriate calls to functions in the Babel API. So +1 from me, but since it looks like Nathan will be doing the work, he should decide :).

Babel seems to exist since mid-2007, by the way. I wonder, if we had made zope.i18n separately available sooner and actually told people about it, it possibly wouldn't have been necessary to duplicate the effort there. In fact, the Babel website lists zope.i18n as an alternative, but finds that it's tied too closely to Zope 3.

    * zope.i18n has a scope similar to Babel (covering both gettext and
      the CLDR), but is closely tied to Zope 3.
    * PyICU is a Python/SWIG wrapper for the ICU library, and provides
      access to locale data based on the CLDR (or the other way around).

It would be interesting to get in touch with the original authors and ask them whether zope.i18n's 4 or so dependencies still make it too tied to Zope 3.
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