Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Malthe

Betreff: [Checkins] SVN: z3c.jbot/ Initial import.

Log message for revision 81997:
  Initial import.


+ >>> from Products.Five.browser.pagetemplatefile import + ZopeTwoPageTemplateFile

I really like what you are doing, cool ideas!

But I also have a question. Should we not use another
namspace for Zope packages which depend on Five or
other packages then zope.* or z3c.*?

We do have the 'five' namespace for things like that, by the way (so far it's used by five.intid and five.localsitemanager, for instance).

I'm not sure about that, it's just a question.
What do you think about a namespace called z5c or something like that? I guess it's easier to explain
the different core concepts if we separate them
in base libraries.

Or is it possible to skip the Five dependency and implement Five support in a second layer/package?

-1 to magic or weak dependencies.
+1 to "test what you fly and fly what you test"

btw, I think since we use buildout, it's not possible to
implement mixed Zope3/Five packages bacause setup has to
define the Five packages too. right?

In general, it makes the reuse of a package difficult if it depends on Zope 2 stuff (incl. Five).

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